Jun. 6th, 2013

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I have 4 paralegal homeworks due by Saturday evening, a cluster of tabs on the love meme that I want to reply to, a dozen projects at work that I need to track down billing info for... so what have I accomplished today?

A rough outline for a solitary board-and-dice game using the glitch dice and regional maps.

It involves traveling the lands and collecting resources and rolling dice to try to match the shrines. It wins by clearing all the resources on the ancestral lands. I haven't begun to figure out how to make it into a two- or multiplayer game, but it needs that, because as a solo thing it's kinda nostalgic but also kinda pointless.

I need a set of regional maps with the symbols of the giants in place of the generic shrine symbols. (Well, for some values of "need.") I'll probably have to make them. (AFTER I get the paralegal homework done. After. I'm gonna keep repeating that part in my head.)

Anyone got a handy list of all the "quoin regions" that didn't have shrines?


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