Jun. 7th, 2013

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Does anyone not want their Glitch username associated with their love meme index line (present or possible)?
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I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this: What might 'Achievements' look like on Dreamwidth?

On a related note, back in December I wrote up some possible Glitch-style achievements for love meme participation; slightly revised versions are as follows:

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Does anyone have any suggestions for names / descriptions in the same vein for other types of participation? For example: a.) self-nomination; b.) leaving a pride comment on one's own thread; i.e. ) c.) signal-boosting the meme as a whole; d.) pointing people to one's own thread; e.) ????????,

Also, if any of you have any ideas re: potential visuals / symbols for any of these (perhaps recycling/revising some of the badges from Glitch with credit?), I'd be grateful for that too.
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Hello, Glitchen diaspora!

Some Glitch mementos available over on Etsy. Giants emblems and tinctures! I got myself a full set of the mini tinctures. Sure could use some essence of yellow crumb right about now.


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