Dec. 9th, 2013

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I'm in the background starting at 7:45. (If he'd made me moonwalk, I don't think I could have held all the feels...)

Anybody else in this video, or in Camicami's poster?


Dec. 9th, 2013 11:17 pm
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In my tiny home office, I have a page with all the emblems printed, 9 rows tall and 11 wide (because in order to fit 11 on a page, they come out 9 tall, shrug). At work, I have printouts of a couple of snaps in my cubicle: my first Purple Room in my tower snap and, of course, Autumn Day.

There are tiny bright spots on the internet--Startling Fecundity has locations as PNGs to explore; they also have the Calendar and a few other resources. (Right now, it's 11:30 am, Weddingday, 19th of Fever, year 33.)
Revdancatt has a walkable set of locations with chat, which is somewhat buggy but oooh I don't care. (Starts in Marrakesh Meadow by default. Not sure how to get to places that aren't linked directly.)

In process: ElevenGame is currently empty; it's "a project to create an open-source Glitch MMO server."
Children of Ur was building a platform before the resources got released; they should make progress faster now. They have a Google+ Group.
Dopiaza has released Glitch Run for iOS. Makes me wish I had an iThing. (I'm not getting an iThing for the sole purpose of playing a Glitch app. Probably.) I know there are other projects, both directly Glitch-based and Glitch-inspired; I am happy for all of them.

So little, and so much. )


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