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Sep. 1st, 2014 09:21 pm
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Forwarded message:
There should be one Glitch – one place that all glitchen come to in order to remember the place of the giants and to keep in touch with one another. Right now there are several sites of several types where this happens in different ways. The glitchen are dispersed. They miss what is going on in other places. Many sites do not have enough traffic to be lively and up-to-date. The glitchen drift away.

There should be one Glitch – but what form should it take? I think Slack is the answer. After all Slack was created by stoot (Stewart Butterfield) and Tiny Speck as his next project after the demise of Glitch. It is leveraged off the communication software Tiny Speck wrote into Glitch. Slack is intended as business communication software, but its usefulness reaches far beyond that remit – and it is free for anyone to use. Slack is multifunctional: it has both a global chat (!) as well as subject specific and private chat capabilities. It is a personal messaging system. It stores files in public, private, or semi-private containers with full comment capability. Everything in it, including all chat streams, are fully searchable. And much more – the surface is clean and simple, but I don't think I have more than begun to discover all it can do. And despite being written for serious business use it incorporates many little touches of stoot-type whimsy that will instantly communicate to the glitchen. Try saying hello to the slackbot! Some groups are working on private projects or want to limit what they do to certain friends. Don't worry – all that can happen in one Slack instance while still maintaining full global contact at the same time. Slack is intended to be used, even in the largest of businesses, as a single instance with each division and department of the company having it's private communication and storage areas while still being in touch with the whole of the company. You can get together in your house with just your friends and then go out and party with everyone on Toxic Moon.

There should be one Glitch – and it probably should be an instance of Slack. But which instance? An existing one? (there are several, but most are private) A new one? Quite possibly. I have created a Slack instance called Glitch Forever. It could be the one Glitch, but it doesn't need to be. What it is is a place to try Slack and discuss the idea of the one Glitch. You are reading this. You loved Glitch. You should join. Unfortunately just about the only difficult thing about Slack is joining. There's no way to do it without an invitation. To receive an invitation send an email to:
subject: join
body: the email address to send the invitation to

That's all it takes. Do it.

There should be one Glitch.
--Written by Hawkwell (Jim Bowen)

Potentially, the body of the email should include some fragment of info that identifies you as glitchen. A polite "happy Zilloween" or "hi five of flowers" would suffice. (I did not think of including any identifying info, and still got an invite. But if this bounces around a bit more publicly--it's on his twitter and in a few other places--he may wind up getting spam or other troublesome contacts, and something that identifies the would-be joiner as Glitch-related might help.)

Right now, Glitch Forever ( is mostly a chatroom. Come join us. Pick your best nose and exchange race cubimal emoji against each other.

Date: 2014-09-02 08:28 am (UTC)
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Thanks for passing this on! *sends email*


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