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Does anyone not want their Glitch username associated with their love meme index line (present or possible)?
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I have 4 paralegal homeworks due by Saturday evening, a cluster of tabs on the love meme that I want to reply to, a dozen projects at work that I need to track down billing info for... so what have I accomplished today?

A rough outline for a solitary board-and-dice game using the glitch dice and regional maps.

It involves traveling the lands and collecting resources and rolling dice to try to match the shrines. It wins by clearing all the resources on the ancestral lands. I haven't begun to figure out how to make it into a two- or multiplayer game, but it needs that, because as a solo thing it's kinda nostalgic but also kinda pointless.

I need a set of regional maps with the symbols of the giants in place of the generic shrine symbols. (Well, for some values of "need.") I'll probably have to make them. (AFTER I get the paralegal homework done. After. I'm gonna keep repeating that part in my head.)

Anyone got a handy list of all the "quoin regions" that didn't have shrines?
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By the way, if you want grabbable HTML for displaying Glitch usernames like jjhunter, check out this post at my journal.


Jun. 5th, 2013 10:12 am
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Did any of you get dice from the indiegogo thing?

They're SO ADORABLE. Now I just need a game to play with them.

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As I wrote in a similar post over on [community profile] glitchwidth, a comment on the current words and deeds love meme this morning reminded me how much I've appreciated the Glitch-related words and deeds of various DW folks.

I'd love to leave comments to that effect on people's threads, but I'm not very good at keeping track of who's who's when people's Glitch usernames differ from their DW usernames, and I bet I'm not the only one. Comment on this post with your Glitch username, and I'll add you to the informal alphabetical-by-Glitch-username index below.

Index of who's who's from Glitch behind the cut )

Let's find each other on the meme and remember all the awesome stuff we did and said and shared in Glitch.

p.s. if you want your Glitch username added to your love meme index line, just ask in the comments here or at the meme admin post. ETA: Please include a link to your Glitch profile in your request.
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TUG got its Kickstarter funding (has a few hours left, if anyone wants to join, and apparently there'll be paypal options soon), and despite a few dust-ups in the forums, a few of us are content that the devs are listening to the options some of us want: agendered characters, in-game disabilities, characters of color, and the ability to pick settings to opt out of player-vs-player combats.

I've started a Glitchy guild. I have no idea what a "guild" really does in MMORPGs, but I at least want the option of distributing appropriate emblems to former glitchen so we can recognize each other.

Arborum Mulceatorem: Petter of Trees )
Feel free to correct my Latin, which was done with the help of Google Translate; I know how accurate that's likely to be.
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We had what I thought was a fun (if sometimes somewhat disjointed) panel about Glitch at Wiscon last night. (Writeup separately forthcoming!) The idea I was left with, though, after we spent at least as long talking in the lobby afterwards: how about having a party?

Anyone else interested? If you have experience at hosting con parties, do you think it'll fly? Cooking and Cocktail Crafting anyone?

This, though, leads to the really important quesiton: WHICH PARTY PACK?
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From the Glitch Soundtrack blog: Voluptua Sneezelip’s Studio Tour
Q: How did Danny come up with the tunes?

A: Much of the music was developed from looking at images of the street backgrounds/landscapes for each area, though he also took his cues from the geography of Ur as a whole (more on that in a minute). He’d use different landscape elements as inspiration for elements in the music. In the firebogs, he even factored in the campfires and firepots and developed sounds for those. Every piece of music is built out of many, many individual sound files that are repeated or faded in and out. Some of them are so subtle that you almost don’t hear them until he turns them up and you become more aware of them.

Danny thought of the music of Ur as being its folk music, complete with regional variations tied to geography [...]
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The blurb says "TUG is a multiplayer open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game’s design." It's by NerdKingdom, about which I know absolutely nothing other than "I like their art style."

TUG looks heavy on world-building, heavy on stories to discover rather than having them fed to you, heavy on "your choices affect both you and the world around you," light on combat. (There is combat. It's not mentioned in the ad-trailer, and it's not one of the pitch points.) The art is a simplified high-fantasy style.

If that sounds interesting, there's more. )
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Rev Dan Catt has taken the region of Alakol and made it into a text adventure: Text Glitch. Not much you can do yet, but you can travel around the map and examine stuff.

Also, I just want to say that I'm surprised at how much I'm missing Glitch, as towards the end I had been becoming a bit bored with it. I realise now just how unique Glitch was. I mostly miss how colorful and cute it was. I really wish I could play it again.
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Year 28 Zilloween: April 14th, 2013/Remember 25th to April 16th, 2013/Remember 37th

This is Zilloween, this is Zilloween, a holiday (which, for some reason, people tend to repeat) in honor of Zille. A time for costumes, seasonal foods, for gifting candy, and the only time when pumpkins can be grown and carved into lanterns: Zilloween Zilloween, Zilloween Zilloween!

Several nations of the region of Glitch are celebrating the holiday, frantically planting and harvesting pumpkins and wandering far from home to distribute candy to strangers. (Well, not so much actually doing these things, as writing dispatches about them. Nationstates.net is a text-based politics RPG.)

What some of us are doing )
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Anyone planning on attending? I can't go to Wiscon this year myself, but I'd be interested in hearing about what gets discussed. Panel description1 behind the cut; [personal profile] ellen_fremedon will be one of the panelists.2 ETA: as will [personal profile] j00j!

Read more... )
1 [personal profile] oyceter: Wiscon 2013 programming, first look!
2 [personal profile] ellen_fremedon: My WisCon schedule
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If you've been hiding in denial, you may not have noticed the notice on glitch.com, but they've announced the date for the shutdown of much of the remaining site, and it's the 25th. (Today, more or less, though I haven't seen an exact time anyplace.)

Everything interactive is going away, but the encyclopedia, the snaps, and the profiles will be there for the long haul.

If you have any last words or snaps to publish, now's the time!

[cross-posted to glitchwidth]
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Little Poundcake has been posting snaps of unreleased/unfinished. locations: click here if you wanna see them.

Edit: also lots of nifty stuff from devs in this forum thread. How much do I miss the temples we never had a chance to build? A whole freaking lot!
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I had a sudden need to find this song to hear it again & while I was there I figured I should post it here, just in case anyone hadn't had a chance to listen..

Giant Lullabye by Theremina Lute (can leave feedback here!) She has a lot of Glitch songs. Soundcloud does not appear to be loading well at the moment, but I'm sure it'll be back later.
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In case folks didn't know: Tiny Spark made a lot of the game music available for download. You can find it at their downloads page. There's some fabulous wallpaper available on that page as well.
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MAB: I feel that there are times in our lives in which we could all use a little additional luck. Don't you? I think now is one of those times.
Your rubeweed is now exceptionally lucky and very, very long-lasting. You only need one, so share with others and enjoy your good fortune!

All 10 others under the cut. )


Dec. 9th, 2012 10:15 pm
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I spent most of today playing Glitch for the last day of the game. I had the Dreamwidth chat open and helped some folks finish quests and get cooperative badges. It was really fun. I also got one new quest involving the desert bandits, which the DW folks helped me finish very quickly. I donated to shrines, earning several more emblems which I gave away. I bought a few expensive artifacts and we passed them around for the IMG points.

During the final days of the game I gave away a lot of money and sold furniture off cheaply. I made all the new recipes which I really enjoyed, and explored the new lands. The vortex of Random was especially cool. I made a point of checking out the basement seam streets.

At the very end, I went back to Grimmsea bottom, which was where my very first house was. I found a caiyotite necklace (a rare item) just lying there on the street, among heaps of stuff that people had discarded. I passed it around among a couple of strangers. then I went and hid inside Grimmsea Hollow, which is a big tree, and is cozy. Two other Glitchen were in there with me. The giants made several announcements. The "Goodnight Glitchen" song played at the end, then the server shut down and the screen went to black and white.

Here are my final stats:
Level: 41
Currants: 383,884 (this is after giving hundreds of thousands away!)
IMG: 3,793,603
earned all skills

Some badges that were particularly time-consuming were making 253 storage display boxes, and seasoning 503 beans.

I loved so many things about this game, including the absurd sense of humor, the cooperative spirit, the art and music design, and hanging out with my friends in-game.

I will miss you Glitch!!!!!
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