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Studio Tour // Interview with Danny Simmons re: the Music of Ur

From the Glitch Soundtrack blog: Voluptua Sneezelip’s Studio Tour
Q: How did Danny come up with the tunes?

A: Much of the music was developed from looking at images of the street backgrounds/landscapes for each area, though he also took his cues from the geography of Ur as a whole (more on that in a minute). He’d use different landscape elements as inspiration for elements in the music. In the firebogs, he even factored in the campfires and firepots and developed sounds for those. Every piece of music is built out of many, many individual sound files that are repeated or faded in and out. Some of them are so subtle that you almost don’t hear them until he turns them up and you become more aware of them.

Danny thought of the music of Ur as being its folk music, complete with regional variations tied to geography [...]