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A playable prototype resurrection of Glitch!!!!!

Still super buggy and missing 90% of the features but I and a friend had lots of fun walking around petting pigs and trying to remember where everything is.
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The Glitch Soundtrack Release Party is happening on Saturday in Toronto:

You can watch online or come in person. (Or both, I suppose!) It looks amazing!

I'll be there mostly because the music was an amazing and profound part of the Glitch experience for me but also to shill a bit for Eleven. (Which is in alpha and stuff! Check it out!)


Sep. 22nd, 2014 06:21 pm
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Hi all!

I made some pins last year for my End Of The World party. Some people were interested in buying sets, but the button maker I used was not my own. I have bought a button maker! If anyone is still interested, I am offering sets through Esty here. These are the same designs I made for the party. If they sell, I will do some more button sets to expand the variety!

Thanks :)

One Glitch

Sep. 1st, 2014 09:21 pm
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Forwarded message:
There should be one Glitch – one place that all glitchen come to in order to remember the place of the giants and to keep in touch with one another. Right now there are several sites of several types where this happens in different ways. The glitchen are dispersed. They miss what is going on in other places. Many sites do not have enough traffic to be lively and up-to-date. The glitchen drift away.

There should be one Glitch – but what form should it take? I think Slack is the answer. Details, explanation, and invite info inside. )
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I was recced Guild Wars 2 here ages ago and while there is more emphasis on combat I am definitely enjoying wandering around exploring with my cute little engineer and helping out random strangers with their battles whenever I feel like it.

Look at this cutie:

(picture leads to image description and more review) It's half price til the 24th, and I am definitely getting my $25 AU out of it.

Also have I mentioned Triple Town? The art is designed by one of the Glitch guys and it is super cute and a fun little matching casual game that manages to stay interesting without getting harder. He has a new game called "Road Not Taken" but it looks too tricky for me.
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Via [personal profile] kate, the Eleven Project

Once upon a time...

...11 giants accidentally created a beautiful little world. This world was equal parts beautiful, silly, strange and sometimes even sad. It was filled with tiny little creatures called Glitchen, who looked after the giant's creations, milking butterflies, petting piggies and talking to bubble trees, among many other things. But one day the giants awoke from their slumber, and the world seemed to disappear. But did it really? We think not. Project Eleven is plumbing the depths of the Giant's memories, trying to find a tiny glimmer of the world that once was, and set those little Glitchen back on their paths.
Welcome to the Eleven Project! We are a small team of ex-Glitchen trying to reassemble the code from our beloved game Glitch, so we might reassemble ourselves, and welcome new citizens, in our funny little world. Here, you can learn a little about our initiative and about what others are doing with this code as well. Our imaginations are still unbound!
The most recent post featured on the homepage re: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Tagging — And How You Can Help felt like playing Glitch to read through it. I highly recommend checking it & the Eleven Project in general out.


Dec. 9th, 2013 11:17 pm
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In my tiny home office, I have a page with all the emblems printed, 9 rows tall and 11 wide (because in order to fit 11 on a page, they come out 9 tall, shrug). At work, I have printouts of a couple of snaps in my cubicle: my first Purple Room in my tower snap and, of course, Autumn Day.

There are tiny bright spots on the internet--Startling Fecundity has locations as PNGs to explore; they also have the Calendar and a few other resources. (Right now, it's 11:30 am, Weddingday, 19th of Fever, year 33.)
Revdancatt has a walkable set of locations with chat, which is somewhat buggy but oooh I don't care. (Starts in Marrakesh Meadow by default. Not sure how to get to places that aren't linked directly.)

In process: ElevenGame is currently empty; it's "a project to create an open-source Glitch MMO server."
Children of Ur was building a platform before the resources got released; they should make progress faster now. They have a Google+ Group.
Dopiaza has released Glitch Run for iOS. Makes me wish I had an iThing. (I'm not getting an iThing for the sole purpose of playing a Glitch app. Probably.) I know there are other projects, both directly Glitch-based and Glitch-inspired; I am happy for all of them.

So little, and so much. )
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I'm in the background starting at 7:45. (If he'd made me moonwalk, I don't think I could have held all the feels...)

Anybody else in this video, or in Camicami's poster?
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No, not the book - an Etsy shop by the same name.

I should see if they can do the Glitchmas Yeti shirt in a 4x.
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In cace you didn't see it on twitter, there's a group of Glitch players working on putting Glitch back together from the open-sourced assets! Facebook and Twitter will have updates as things progress. The website for the project is , and it should have forums soon!

[ profile] revdancatt has been working on a location browser, and now it has a minimal glitch figure that you can walk around! Warning: gravity not yet implemented:
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Public domain game art:
The entire library of art assets from the game, has been made freely available, dedicated to the public domain. Code from the game client is included to help developers work with the assets. All of it can be downloaded and used by anyone, for any purpose. (But: use it for good.)
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Anyone know (anyone who knows...) what's up with It hasn't been answering for several days.

It (like most post-glitch fora) wasn't very active but had a bunch of good info people had written about Glitch and possible follow-ons, and I miss it.

(One might also note that is down. Sigh.)
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The game that's filled my Glitch emptiness the best has been the dragon breeding game Flight Rising. I haven't posted about it here because registrations were closed, but they are open today/tomorrow for a few hours: Tuesday, September 3rd from 5:00AM to 8:00AM PST. They plan to try opening registrations again after that once they see how the servers handle the load, so if you miss out subscribe to the tumblr etc and you should be able to get in eventually.

It's not inherently social, but is a lot of fun if you play with friends and swap dragons and go "LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS ONE IS" etc. And the treasure grinding games are fun.

If any of you are already playing I'm sqbr there (lookit my pretty dragons!)

EDIT: some useful advice for creating an account
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Ugh, I hate to ask this here, but I emailed the contact address and got no response...

I was out of town when the link to download the sound effect/ringtone pack was posted, and by the time I got back to it the link had expired.

Does anyone have a copy they would be willing to post to me, maybe via Dropbox?

(I'm a legitimate campaign contributor, I swear!)

Thanks in advance...
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I have changed the notification sounds on my Blackberry so that when I get an email, it sounds like quoin sharding from Glitch. (Quoin sharding #3, if other people have the sound effects & ringtones pack.)

I'm on a very active email group at work. I get dozens of emails a day, most of which I don't have to pay attention to at all. (Yes, the entire project group needs a record of when the files finished uploading to the server, and when the invoices went out, and when the software was updated. No, I don't need to react to any of that.)

Now, instead of dozens of annoying beeps during the day, there are happy quoin sounds in my pocket. And since it's the shard sound instead of the standard quoin sound, I always think I'm either in Groddle Forest Junction or Madhur Hathur when I hear it.
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BenAlex has an idea. I like the idea. It is a book. Working title ideas: "How To Live A Glitchier Life", "What Would My Glitchen Do?", or "The Post Glitch Guide To Life".

You put things in it, it's all awesome, and then it gets printed. (I may have left out some bits. Close enough.) In any case, it is a thing by which you can be inspired (or brought to tears, or both), and to which you can add!
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So, while waiting for the Kickstarter to deliver on music (they have already distributed sound effects), I've made a SoundCloud collection of the music delivered so far:

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The recent post about dreamwidth achievements got me thinking about how cool it would be to have achievements in real life in general, and then today I was reminded that there does actually exist a way to do that: Challenge Accepted is a site designed to turn to-do lists into a fun game. It's oriented towards chores like doing homework etc but there's no reason it couldn't be used for more silly/social things.

I must admit I haven't used it yet myself but a bunch of people I follow on tumblr seem to enjoy it and it seemed perfect for Glitchians. I am not good at organising things myself but apparently there are teams, it could be fun to make a dreamwidth/Glitch one.

EDIT: Ok I've signed up as Sequoia the Bear, it's pretty cute. A little ableism, though, plus it was hard deciding between robot and halfling...
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Hello, Glitchen diaspora!

Some Glitch mementos available over on Etsy. Giants emblems and tinctures! I got myself a full set of the mini tinctures. Sure could use some essence of yellow crumb right about now.
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I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this: What might 'Achievements' look like on Dreamwidth?

On a related note, back in December I wrote up some possible Glitch-style achievements for love meme participation; slightly revised versions are as follows:

Read more... )

Does anyone have any suggestions for names / descriptions in the same vein for other types of participation? For example: a.) self-nomination; b.) leaving a pride comment on one's own thread; i.e. ) c.) signal-boosting the meme as a whole; d.) pointing people to one's own thread; e.) ????????,

Also, if any of you have any ideas re: potential visuals / symbols for any of these (perhaps recycling/revising some of the badges from Glitch with credit?), I'd be grateful for that too.
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